Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Who else is looking forward to "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"? I can't wait until it hits the theaters. So far there haven't been any screenings in my area, and despite lots of prayer and concentration, I haven't been sent an invitation like the other people who have been able to see it so far.

The movie stars Ben Stein, who I think is smart and funny. I love him on those Visine commercials, and the speeches he wrote for Richard Nixon were just beautiful and brilliant. I know he's in some movies, but most of them are too secular for my taste, so it'll be nice to see him in a film that promotes a Godly message. I do have some problems with him, though, but I'll get to that later.

"Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" is all about exposing the Truth behind the Athiest Big Science conspiracy to keep Intelligent Design out of the schools and laboratories. I think it's great that someone is finally making sure that Christians aren't oppressed here in our One Nation Under God.

Now, I don't entirely agree with the Intelligent Design people; too many of them are willing to accept silly things like a universe that's billions of years old, or that some evolution happens in nature, but their heads are in the right place. If they succeed, then maybe real Creationists will be able to finally bring God back into the classroom where He belongs, and our schools can be good and Christian once again.

The film apparently talks about how Darwinism leads directly to Nazism, and I'm glad someone finally has the courage to tell that truth. Sure, the Holocaust is probably way overexaggerated (6 million? That sounds like a Darwinist number to me), but the Nazis were still terrible Athiests and did horrible things in the name of No God.

This, though, is where my problem with Ben Stein comes in. See, Stein is a Jew, which means he doesn't accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. I'm not sure why the Intelligent Design people, who are all Christians, would want a Jewish person narrating their film and spreading the Holocaust exaggeration. I think they must have put him in there to keep the Bilderbergs and World Bankers from teaming up with the secularist Athiests and shutting the movie down.

Or maybe Ben Stein is one of the righteous Jews who will get to go up to Heaven when Christ returns! Oh, I hadn't thought of that before. Still, he really should convert to Christianity and let Jesus into his heart, just in case.

Overall, I'm really looking forward to seeing this movie finally tell the Truth about the Big Science lies and the false religion of Athiest Darwinism.

On a side note, Evil Athiest Blogger PZ Mayers tried to sneak into a showing of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed," but the producers threw him out. I guess he was making a scene, threatening good Christians and telling them lies about his Athiest religion. That was pretty dumb, since he was trying to be sneaky--he shouldn't have called attention to himself, then he could have seen the Truth about Darwinism and converted in the theater.
Athiest Pope Richard Dawkins did get to see the movie though, which I guess means he was using Athiest witchcraft to get past the producers. Too bad he didn't convert--imagine what the Athiests would do if their Pope suddenly found Jesus! They'd have to follow him too and become Christians!

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