Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Our Day!

Hello to all my fellow heathens and sinners and sodomites! I'm coming back from my blog mission to tell you all why I was gone for so long: It's because now I'm an ATHIEST! That's right, now I am worshipping myself and also Pope Dick Dawkings and Saint Christy Hitchins, because I no longer have the morals or the senses God gave me. The Holy Spirit has left me and hardened my heart, and now I am going to fill my empty life with murder and sodomy! Also, I think I am going to get my doctorate in God-Denying and Darwinism at Ivory Tower University, so I can be part of the Big Scienceist Elite! So goodbye everyone, I'm not going to blog here anymore, because now I'm going to write for a big Athiest blog network to get lots of fame and money! Because I'm a BIG ATHIEST! (If you're confused or sad, check the date--and come back tomorrow!)