Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Skeptripe #6: "Occam's Razor"

Welcome back to "Skeptripe," where I expose words and phrases used by so-called "Skeptics" and Athiests that are overused, misused, or just plain stupid.

"Skeptics" love to pull out "Occam's Razor" as if it's their John 3:16. The principle says that "the simplest answer is always the right one." This might seem strange to you, given what you likely already know about "Skeptics." I mean, when have you ever heard a "Skeptic" give a simple answer to anything? "Evolution is the process of how fish came from rocks and mud and..." and that's about when I fall asleep. Obviously the simplest answer is always "God." I don't know why "Skeptics" don't understand that.

But I do know why "Skeptics" like this "simplest answer" stuff: they're dumb. They like to look smart, to use big words and long sentences, but they just can't understand anything particularly complex. It's part of why they don't believe in God--they can't understand Him, so they just say He doesn't exist.

If you encounter this "Occam's Razor" in argument, just remind the "Skeptics" which answers are the really "simple" ones. "God" vs. "evolution by natural selection and..."--one word with three letters, or a whole paragraph of big made-up Science words, which is simpler? "Government Conspiracy" vs. "a decentralized Islamic terrorist organization who infiltrated the country..."--yes, "government conspiracy" is pretty long and has a bunch of syllables, but it's still simpler than their answer. "The Bible says so" vs. "there's no such thing as absolute morals and so we can make them up ourselves"--it should be obvious by now.

"Occam's Razor" is just like the "Skeptics" who love it so much: dull, blunt, and disposable.

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