Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Intelligent Malign!

I've been thinking about what I said about LCD (Loose Change Day--9/11/01 Never Forget!), and what the "party line" people must think about the terrible attacks that an evil Government Conspiracy perpetrated that day. I've seen all the videos, and the videos about the videos, and I've read about the eyewitnesses--it's easy to see which ones were paid off, they all tell the same story!--and I can only come to one conclusion: that a secret shadow Government, operating without the will of the people or the oversight of our great Godly President George Walker Bush, fired missiles disguised as airplanes at three major buildings, and a fourth accidentally detonated over the underground in an open field where it was being fired from. Then Shadow Government agents swarmed the scenes of the attacks, planting "evidence" in the form of airplane parts, burnt bodies, and other stuff, and left before the media and witnesses arrived (or paid them off--follow the money!).

I look at the events and I can't see how it could be any different. The "official" story is so unlikely! What are the odds of a fully-assembled and fueled airplane sweeping through the National Mall and just leaving behind a bunch of junk airplane parts behind? No, that kind of destruction, that kind of debris path, is too unlikely to have happened by chance--it needed to be created intelligently. The only explanation for an attack this complex is a significantly more complex Shadow Government Conspiracy, because complexity can only come from greater complexity. To think that 19 random terrorists could have caused all that destruction is simply ridiculous.

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Will Staples said...

I have good reason to believe the Shadow Government was led by Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who masterminded 9/11 to discredit George Walker Bush and propel himself into the White House in 2009!