Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Skeptripe #1: "Evidence"

Welcome to "Skeptripe," a series of articles I'll be running to deal with words and phrases used by so-called "Skeptics" and Athiests that are overused, misused, or just plain stupid. Because we've all been in conversations with "Skeptics" who were just plain stupid, talking about things like they couldn't just see the truth, written on the face of the world by the Almighty.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Today, we're going to start with the word "evidence." Chances are, if you get into a conversation with a "Skeptic," this is going to come up pretty early. "Skeptics" like to talk about "evidence" as if they're trying to convert you to some crazy religion, where you worship "evidence" and pray at an altar of "proof" and sacrifice "facts" to the great heathen god of "evidence" and everything is all just based on "evidence." They're like, two steps away from having books and pamphlets explaining the "good news" of how important evidence is and why you should believe it.

But then, that's something that you never really hear "Skeptics" talking about--why should you believe evidence? "Skeptics" never seem to realize that "evidence" is a totally arbitrary and unreliable standard for believing things! For one thing, they can't even get the definition straight. I was talking to some nut the other day who was towing the "party line" on LCD (Loose Change Day--9/11/01 Never Forget!), saying that the "airplane parts" and "charred bodies" at the Pentagon were "evidence" that an airplane, not a missile, hit the building. But then the next day I was talking to a Darwinist who said that "homogamous features" and "vertical organs" were "evidence" that animals evolved, and weren't created by a loving and wonderful God. Well, which is it, "Skeptics" and Darwinist Athiests? Is "evidence" airplane parts, or is it vertical organs? It can't be both!

You can see why they aren't consistent, though. If they were, they'd have to admit that because there are no "airplane parts" in the human eye, then it must have been created by the Lord God Almighty.

Besides that, "Skeptics" don't seem to understand that "evidence" can be faked! They just dismiss the things that can't be faked, like eyewitnesses and feelings and faith. It would be so easy for the Government to fill a missile with a bunch of airplane parts and burnt bodies, then shoot it into the Pentagon. But they can't fill it with eyewitnesses! It would be easy for God to make fake "homogamous features" in animals to test our faith, but He can't just make new human witnesses, because they wouldn't have any sin, and we'd notice that they were naked and glowing and didn't die!

But feelings can't be faked--have you ever seen someone pretend like they're angry or happy or surprised? You can tell! And faith can't be faked, because faith comes from inside me, and from God, and God can't like, and I know I'm not lying, so it must be true!

For "Skeptics," "evidence" is god. Me, I'd rather trust people (who can't be faked) and the REAL God!

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