Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Those poor kids

Not being content just to find new ways to murder innocent babies before they're born, Big Science has been trying to ruin the lives of living children too. They've been injecting a deadly substance called "mercury" into little kids for years now, and finally some good Christian whistleblowers are coming out against the Big Scienceists and exposing this terrible fraud.

Mercury is a silver liquid (Big Scienceists call it a metal, but everyone knows that metals are hard and strong, not liquidy) that can cause brain damage and death if you're exposed to it! Mercury, as you might recognize, is the name of one of the other planets that revolves around the Earth. This is because, while Big Science and NASA (Nazi Athiest Scienceist Alliance) were faking the Moon Landing on an underground soundstage, the Shadow Government was sending probes and robots to the other planets to collect alien materials for their terrible experiments. One of these probes brought mercury back from the planet Mercury, and that's where the whole mess started.

Those of you who went to a Godless public school might remember that Mercury is also the name of a false pagan god. It's no secret that aliens have visited Earth many times over the last 6,000 years; naturally some of them have been worshipped by foolish people who were drawn away from the One True God. One or more aliens from Mercury must have visited Ancient Rome and been worshipped as gods.

That's right, the same Ancient Romans who tried and crucified Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Is it any wonder that they were unable to see the Messiah right in front of their faces? They had been poisoned with the worship of Mercury, the Mercurians had damaged their brains just as mercury today damages the brains of defenseless little babies!

So, how does this all tie together? It has to do with Quantum Physics, which I talked about here. I mentioned there that the universe is full of tiny invisible angels, who do God's work for him. When we concentrate on these angels, they re-make the universe for each of us. At least, that's what's supposed to happen, what happens in a normal human being. But when you inject a baby with mercury, with an alien chemical soaked with false pagan religion, it traps all the little invisible angels that are in the baby's body, so they can't get out and communicate with the ones outside in the universe. What happens then is that as the baby grows up, it tries to concentrate and create its own universe like everyone else, but the angels inside can't get out, so they create that universe inside the child's mind! The child's personal reality is disconnected from God's reality, even though the child's body is still in God's reality! Big Scienceists call this "autism," but it's really an artificial spiritual separation from God.

It's easy enough to see why Athiestic Big Scienceists would do this: when they kill babies in the womb, those babies' souls go straight to Heaven. That upsets the Athiests, because they know they aren't going to Heaven, and they want everyone to be just as miserable as they are. So they invented a way to keep children from knowing God and making their own realities without killing them. They spend years in this fallen, sinful world, not knowing God's Love, committing sins they don't even know about because they're trapped in the worlds in their own heads.

I will never understand how the Athiest mind works, that they could inflict this sort of suffering on innocent children. What terrible, terrible people.

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