Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Lion is on the Prowl

So, I mentioned before my problems with The Muslim Baby Murderer, "President" Hussein, but I don't think enough has been said. I mean, how can so many people stand idley by while an illegitimate candidate usurps the throne of the United States Presidency? No one can find his birth certificate! I don't know about you, but everyone I know has a birth certificate, even people who were "born" by Ceasary Insection. If Hussein doesn't have a birth certificate, then the clear conclusion is that he was never born.

Now, some might suggest that maybe this means he's an actor or a pawn of the Global Conspiracy, put in that place by the Shadow Government, who created a flawless new identity for him, complete with a fake wife and kids. That's certainly a possibility; the amount of time he's spent funnelling money to conspiracy projects like the Federal Banks and Big Auto shows that he's clearly working for the Conspiracy.

But there's an equally plausible option: perhaps the identity wasn't created--he was. He was made in a sinful Athiest Big Science laboratory, probably due to the mixing of two sodomites' sperms into a soulless clone. After that, he was given to an Athiest and a Muslim (same thing, pretty much), who raised him without teaching him about the One True God, instead filling his soulless mind with Satan's teachings. He grew up, falsely claimed to convert to Christianity but kept practicing Muslimism under his racist Muslim pastor, and became a powerful politician with his silver (forked!) tongue. His ability to speak and persuade is legendary, and now he leads our One Nation Under God away from His Holy Protection by promoting the Global Satanic Conspiracy and making it legal for Big Scienceists to murder babies and taking away the Most Important Amendment (From my cold dead hands!!!).

Isn't it obvious? HUSSEIN IS THE ANTICHRIST! It's just like Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins foretold in the wonderful Left Behind books (specifically the first prequel, "The Rising")! I'll bet that Athiest laboratory was in Rome, where the Bible clearly says the Antichrist will come from! Besides, if I were going to try to come up with an evil Antichrist name that was even scarier than "Nicolae Carpathia," I don't think I could do better than "Barack Hussein Obama."

Evil has risen, but remember Christians, this is a good sign! The rise of the Antichrist and the strengthening of the New One World Government Order Conspiracy means that the End Times truly are upon us! The Rapture will surely be coming any day now!

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